From the meeting between Graziano Venturi and Ezio Rossi, in 1978, is founded Italmole Company.
In 1988 becomes part of the company Ivan Rossi, son of Ezio. He assorbing the knowledge of the two founders and making direct experience in contact with big glassworks, he had opportunity to develop a profound knowledge of the glass sector guaranteeing the continuity of the company overtime.
Ezio Rossi, a vital part of Italmole and very important person in the glass world, died in September 2014.
The secret of lasting success is the determined Italmole's care for its customers, pursuing a research and technological thinking and great competence in the sector.
The partecipation of the most importan exhibition, cooperation with most famous manufacturers of glass machine and technical customers assistance has led Italmole Company to be a italian excellence in the world.
This has beed achieved thanks to its slim line organization consisting of qualified personnel that is constantly involved in supporting the operations, ongoing research and experimentation of new blands, special workmanship methods and the meticulous selection of the raw materials to be used to guarantee the hightest quality of the end product.
Today Italmole, while maintaining a family company spirit, it arrived to export the 80% of their products all over the world