The quintessential polishing wheel, know and used all over the world because it can be adapted to any use: manual, semi-automatic and CNC machines. Excellent polishing, constant quality and ease of use have decreed the success of this wheel.
Available with standard profiles and on request, internal cooling holes and cup form to polish the arris after diamond wheel.

Maraextra - BB - Euroflex

Softness and sponginess characterise this wheel,  available only peripheral form. Recommended in diameters 150-200-250.

Yielding to pressure, advised on manual machines, excellent polishing with little effort for the operator.

Recommended for particular processing. Available only in peripheral form in diameters: 15-20-25-30-35.


Wheel created exclusively for CNC machines. Its compactness guarantees excellent polishing and good durability. Available only peripheral form.
Available in all diameters and thickness, standard profiles and on request. Obtainable also with internal cooling holes.


A new technology wheel, noiseless, long life and higher polish. Available only peripheral form, excellent on vertical CNC machines.


Shining without lines is the result of the final passage of “One”. Available only peripheral form.

mole lucidanti

One Plus

High hardness recommended to polish little thick glasses (4-6-8).

Lux - Lux6 - Lux3

Available in three grinds: extra-fine, fine, medium. It is a wheel that is both elastic and rigid. Good polishing power.


Wheel with high performance of polishing and durability. Available in peripheral and engraving form.


Available in peripheral and engraving form. It is positioned between BD and B-Star ensuring a good polish and a good life.


This wheel is very well suited to the shape of the engraving guaranteeing an unsurpassable polish. It works silently and has a good duration.


Good removal power, advised to make and polish the arris without diamond wheel.


Advised to polish arris on double edger and straight machine, after diamond wheel guarantees a perfect and brilliant result.